“When we work together, everything else ceases to exist, we become totally one with the moment.”


DART is a contemporary dance company, based in both Budapest and Berlin. It was founded in 2013 by Kinga Varga (Artistic director and Choreographer) who is open and eager to collaborate with ambitious, upcoming and enthusiastic artists. The movement language of the company is mainly European modern dance that requires high knowledge of contemporary dance and classical ballet.

“They are brazenly free, loveably autonomous. All the while these highly professional dancers, are just loose and overstep the boundaries of the expected boring rules; they move, roll, lift and exist and in fact they laugh and laugh so that the only reaction that remains is: wow!! Fresh, cool and contemporary.” Juhász Dóra

"The Dart named group’s piece Give in is a carefree game, which not just shows the performers frenzy, but also allows insight into a precisely constructed let looseness, letting ourselves go, so that we are then able to be drawn into this freedom.” Török Ákos

"The solos were followed by duos then trios, with such an intensity, as if the dancers were connected directly into an electric network, but this was not just 220 volts this was far more. [...] And if we are already talking about voltage and connections, then it must be said that it was an electrifying night, full of alternative forms of energy.” Turbuly Lilla


Cooperation with KOLIBRI Visual:

Our productions are live and are a mix of dancers and interactive graphics which are worked together into a hybrid visual dance performance. The individual dance and unique graphical backgrounds make these pieces exceptional and uniquely individual for each of these productions. In many instances 3D animation and 3D projections (so called video mapping technology) is utilized during the shows, which builds upon the choreography produced by DART for these shows. The result of said cooperation is a unique visual live performance which always adheres to the local stage possibilities and requirements while creating a connection with our ballet and contemporary audiences.

Common projects so far: Wall, B&W, Five, Geometry, Galaxy, Mirage

Cooperation with the Cultural Production Office:

Our concepts are: “Art belongs to everyone” as a basis for our inspiration; we experiment with the use of alternative creative platforms and communications channels via which we can directly reach and address next to our contemporary artists the Y and Z generations. For this reason, we started in June of 2016 a cooperation with the Cultural Production Office, with whom we have placed contemporary events in several popular Budapest clubs (Ötkert, 4Bro, Fogasház, Szechenyi Fürdő, Instant). The goal of this cooperation is to find new potential audiences for contemporary dance pieces as well as to bring the performer-creative pieces closer to its audience. This is great challenge for us since we have to step outside of our comfort zone of theater-based performances and to try ourselves within a new exciting “terrain”.

Common projects so far:Tel-Aviv Party, HARThunt, Nesama