WINTER INTENSIVE WORKSHOP // 16.12.2019. - 18.12.2019. //

REGISTRATION: You need to send the registration with your CV to 

Teachers: Nóra Szőnyi, Noémie Larcheveque, Thomas Kiss, Hannah Eden, Jack Hilton, Barbara Minacori


DART pilates class - Noémie Larcheveque /60 mins/


The Pilates class will intend to develop strength while improving postural alignment. Exercises of conditioning and cardio will warm up the body before flowing through a mixture of core and postural strengthening and releasing combinations. The aim is to improve strength, flexibility and suppleness whilst balancing the body and the mind, giving you a great core workout to benefit your movement practice.

DART ballet class – Nóra Szőnyi / 90 mins /


My training is a non-conventional, moving ballet class which highlights articulation, flow, breath, musicality and spatial awareness. The training will help you connect with your personally artistic strength and self confidence in moving.

DART contemporary class – Thomas Kiss / 90 mins /


Tamás Kiss teaches a very high level of fluid movements and physical coordination that integrates the floor as an important component in his class. His teaching is focusing on the clarity of movement, stemming from variations of ballet, release technique, gymnastic or acrobatic physicality.

DART repertoire – Hannah Eden
/ 60 mins /


You are going to be a part of a special repertoire training, where you can get a glimpse of our creative processes while trying on the varied movement repertiore of DART. If you’d like to work, to sweat, to learn new things, laugh with us and to broaden your perspectives, then we’re waiting for you!

DART contact work - Barbara Minacori and Jack Hilton / 100 mins/ 


Using techniques from ballroom, contemporary and ballet the contact work class will focus around the sensitivity and power behind touch, connection and intention. We will experiment with different ways to approach and move with others in both improvisation and choreography. And also discuss how to play with contact safely, creatively and professionally. No matter height, weight, gender or experience dance is something that can connect us all, and something we can share.


Promotional fee by 27th of October € 100

After this date € 125


MORE INFORMATION will be sent by email after your registration.